Summer Holiday Scents

Take an olfactive journey with Roja Parfums!
To celebrate the summer, enjoy fragrances that
refresh the senses and uplift your mood as they
whisk you away to a sunny island escape.


A Sunny, Refreshing Icon

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A Cooling Summer Cocktail

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A Tropical Island Breeze

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Brighten up the day!

Whether a Citrus-forward Eau De Parfum or a
bright and sunny Aoud, we have you covered with
a selection of fragrances that bring a bit of sun
into your daily scent routine.

Enigma Aoud

Like taking a trip to the sand dunes of the Middle East, and eating Peaches.

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The quintessential scent of summertime, the Bitter Orange Tree is presented in all it's beauty.

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A tropical jungle where sun rays stream through a canopy of trees bearing juicy fruits.

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Join us for a tour through a selection of scents that are perfect for bringing some sunshine into your life. From the tropical Jungle of Apex to the island breeze of Oceania, these refreshing creations offer something for anyone to enjoy this summer.



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