Retail locations

This is a list of Roja Parfums Authorised Retailers.

If you have any questions regarding retail locations please contact us here.

Cities Azerbaijan

Ideal - 28 Mall
Azadlig ave. 5644 (28 Mall Trade Centre 1st floor), Baku, Azerbaijan
Ideal - Elmlar
Ideal, Huseyn Javid Ave. 528, Baku Azerbaijan
Ideal - GanjlikMall
Ideal, Fatali Khan Khoyski str. 14 (Ganjilik Mall, 1st Floor), Baku Azerbaijan
Ideal - Izmir
Ideal, Inshaatchilar Ave. 33, Baku, Azerbaijan
Ideal - Neftchilar
Ideal, Gara Garayev ave, 61D (NefMall Trade Center, 2nd Floor), Baku, Azerbaijan
Ideal - ParkBulvar
Neftchilar ave. 5 (ParkBulvar Trade Center 1st floor), Baku, Azerbaijan
Ideal - Shop 09
Ideal, H.B. Aliyev Str. 9, Baui, Azerbaijan
Ideal - Shop 23
Ideal, 23 Azerbaijan Avenue, Baku, Azerbaijan
Ideal - Shop 25
Ideal, Sarayevo Str. 25, Baku, Azerbaijan
Ideal - Shop 42
Agha Neymatullah str. 42, Baku, Azerbaijan
Ideal - Shop 62
Ideal, Nizami str. 62, Baku, Azerbaijan
Ideal - Nakhchivan
Ideal, Haydar Aliyev Str. 34, Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan