Retail locations

This is a list of Roja Parfums Authorised Retailers.

If you have any questions regarding retail locations please contact us here.

Cities Russian Federation

Articoli GUM
Articoli GUM, Red Square, 3, Moscow, Russia
Bosco Petrovsky Passazh
Bosco Petrovsky Passazh, Petrovka, 10, Moscow, Russia
Bosco Smolensky Passazh
Bosco Smolensky Passazh, Smolenskaya Ploshad, 3, Moscow, Russia
Bosco Vesna
Bosco Vesna, Novy Arbat, 19, Moscow, Russia
Ile De Beaute
Ile De Beuate, ul. Maroseyka, 9/2, 101000, Moscow, Russia
Ile De Beaute Barviha
Ile De Beaute Barviha, Barviha Village, 85/1, Moscow, Russia
Ile De Beaute Leninsky
Ile De Beaute Leninsky, Leninsky Prospekt, 70, Moscow, Russia
Mercury TSUM
Mercury TSUM, Petrovka Street, Moscow, Russia
Molecule Domodedovsky International Airport, Domodedovsky District, Oblast, Moscow, Russia
Molecule Crocus
Molecule Crocus, 65 km MKAD, Moscow, Russia
Molecule Neglinnaya
Molecule Neglinnaya, Bolshaya Konushennaya Street, 21-23A, Moscow, Russia
Molecule Radisson
Molecule Radisson, Kutuzovsky Avenue, 2/1, Bid. 1, Moscow, Russia
Molecule Spiridonevskiy
Molecule Spiridonevskiy, Spiridonevskiy, Moscow, Russia
Regstaer-M, Vnukovo, Moscow, Russia
St. Petersburg
Molecule Bolshoy
Molecule Bolshoy, Bolshoy Avenue, 51/9, Lit A, St. Petersburg, Russia
Molecule Kazanskaya
Molecule Kazanskaya, Kazanskaya Street, 5, St. Petersburg, Russia
Molecule Nevskiy
Molecule Nevskiy, Nevskiy Avenue, 147, Lit A, St. Petersburg, Russia
Molecule Grand Marina
Molecule Grand Marina, Nesebrskaya, 1A, Sochi, Russia
Ile De Beaute
Ile De Beaute, МКЦ "Кристалл", Severnaya ul., 327 Krasnodar, Russia