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Aoud Collection

7x 2ml Sample Atomisers

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Scents Included


Scents Included

Aoud is a creation which pays homage to the traditional blend of Rose, Saffron and Aoud whilst giving it a contemporary twist for the modern era. 

Amber Aoud is a sweet and sumptuous scent which blends the sweetness of Fig and Benzoin with the spicy warmth of Vanilla, onto a traditional Aoud base.

Musk Aoud is a unique interpretation which marries the dry, woody warmth of the Chypré-style with the traditionally Middle Eastern styling of Aoud. 

Sweetie Aoud is a mouth-watering gourmand creation which blends a unique Patisserie-Accord onto an exotic bed of Frankincense and Aoud.

Enigma Aoud is an exotic interpretation of our iconic Enigma Parfum, which places the sweetness of Rose, Peach, Sandalwood and Vanilla onto an Aoud base.

United Arab Emirates is a scent which brings the traditional materials of Rose-Aoud style into the modern era with a lively addition of Blackcurrant and Pink Pepper.

Sultanate of Oman is a deep and woody creation which transports the wearer away through a blend of Frankincense and Saffron on a bed of Sandal and Aoud Woods.