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Introducing: Manhattan Parfum

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Let us set the scene:
A celebration – a fever-dream.
A drink in the hand of a sophisticated man -
A presence felt but hardly seen.
The invite of the century
From a mysterious host
To the most glamorous party
On the Atlantic Coast. 


Come with us on a journey back in time to the attend most exclusive party set in the shadows of the world’s most iconic skyline.

Step into a Gatsby-esque celebration of scent - Just one spritz will plunge you into a prohibition soirée where inhibitions are tossed out the window and into the night sky of New York.

Martini glasses clink as fireworks glitter across the Chrysler Building in this olfactive gift of Golden-Era glitz.

Welcome to the glittering metropolis that is 1920s Manhattan. We hope you enjoy the event…




A new decade began quite differently to how we expected. In what felt like the blink of an eye, 2020 created a new narrative for us all.

And yet, from the ashes of Covid-19, something beautiful emerged: A resilient group of perfume-lovers discovered that scent was the perfect coping mechanism for the “unprecedented times”.

And so, this is our gift to you: Manhattan Parfum. A scent that awakens the joie de vivre of the past and makes it contemporary -  heralding brighter days ahead.



No other city knows how to bounce back better than Manhattan. This resilient spirit is what this perfume is all about: Reminding us that no matter what the world throws at us, we will bounce back, too.

Manhattan is a creation which brings the magic of the Roaring 20’s into modern times. It recalls the Golden Era of the city and shows us that once more, we will persevere. The party will continue as we move forward into whatever this decade has in store for us.

Roja Dove crafted this perfume as an homage to the past and a celebration of what is to come next. In essence, it is the perfect antidote to the current Covid climate.




The classic styling of a sweet and woody Tobacco scent is given a smooth and creamy twist that takes the experience to heady new heights.

A fever-dream of a fragrance, indulgence and revelry come to play in a perfume that sets the scene of a smoky Speakeasy during the Roaring Twenties.

A low-lit room is electrified with the heat of Ginger, Cinnamon and Pink Pepper whilst Cedarwood and Pine become resonant of the wood-panelled rooms which hide secrets between their walls.

Like plucking a Maraschino Cherry from a delicious cocktail, the jammy effect of Heliotrope layers into a central note of Tobacco which enchants the air, weaving a hypnotic spell through every corner it curls into. 

If perfumery is like wine where the opposite of sweetness is to be “dry”, Manhattan brings the inherent dryness of a classic Chypré accord to create sophisticated balance. Patchouli acts the contrarian as its wet-earth effect counters the pillowy softness of Benzoin and Vanilla which melt the senses and seduce you to succumb to its strength of character.

This is Manhattan – a smooth, sweet and smoky fragrance which defies gender, time and place. A celebration in a bottle – Manhattan is a shining beacon of hope in scented form.


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