Retail locations

This is a list of Roja Parfums Authorised Retailers.

If you have any questions regarding retail locations please contact us here.

Cities Islamic Republic Of Iran

Roja 'Kooh E Noor Tower', No.1, 2, Intersection of Kamranieh Avenue and Farmanieh Avam, Kooh E Noor Tower, Tehran, Iran
Roja 'Palladium', Palladium Shopping Center, No. 17 Ground Floor, Moghaddas, Ardebili Street, Tehran, Iran
Roja 'Arg'
Roja 'Arg', No.218, Groud Floor, Arg Shopping Center, Saadabad Avenue, Tajrish Square, Tehran, Iran
Roja 'Tirazheh'
Roja 'Tirazheh', No.8, First Floor, Tirajeh Shopping Complex, Ashrafi Esfahani Avenue, Tehran, Iran
Roja 'Vali-e-Asr'
Roja 'Vali-e-Asr', Valiasr Ave., Between Zafar Avenue and Mirdamad Avenue, Yazdan Panah Street, Tehran, Iran
Roja 'Velenjak'
Roja 'Velenjak', No.18, First Floor, Tochal Shopping Center, 14th Street, Velenjak Street, Tehran, Iran